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Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) mission is to minimize killing and illegal trade of wildlife by alerting and educating people through programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, training, research, and publications and urging and reminding the concerned authorities of their responsibilities toward the protection and conservation of wildlife by implementing CITES regulations; which will also help conserve biodiversity. In the past few years, we have been concerned about saving the animals in wild and build a natural environment in which animals live in harmony with nature.

WWG proposed a plan for building a wildlife sanctuary for the abandoned animals and rescue the injured animals. There are some species in Nepal like monkey, leopard and birds which are caught in different places. People don't care much about these animals and if incase caught they bring them to the zoo for treatment and often they tend to die due to negligence out there. Our proposed wildlife sanctuary will be like an animal orphanage. The injured animals after being healed will be released to the wild or will be sent to the zoo or kept in the sanctuary depending upon their conditions.

The sanctuary will be named after the chairman of IPPL (International Primate Protection League) Dr. Shirley McGreal as Shirley Sanctuary. Dr. Shirley was the inspiration that helped us to stop the monkey business a huge success and releasing ultimately all captive breed monkey back into their natural habitat. Thus we purpose it to be named as "Shirley Sanctuary".