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About Us

Wise-use of natural resource free from exploitation

Eliminating illegal wildlife trade
Mainstreaming natural resource and related agenda in mass media for awareness and action
Watching impacts and interventions on biodiversity
Pro nature advocacy and activism
Taking trans-boundary conservation initiatives

What it is doing? What do we do?
Recently WWG has successfully completed 'Stop Monkey Business Campaign'. WWG have signed MoU with ARCO- Nepal (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation of Nepal) and will be publishing books on snow leopard written by renowned scientists. WWG also publishes 'Wildlife Times' which is a monthly magazine. WWG has initiated to establish an Environmental Journalism School in collaboration with School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (SchEMS), which will be affiliated to Pokhara University. Apart from wildlife activities, WWG has taken an Initiative on Impact of Climate Change in Protected Areas of Nepal.

Since its inception, WWG has been instrumental in alerting and educating the public on various wildlife issues. WWG has also been active in urging and reminding the concerned authorities of their responsibilities towards the protection and conservation of wildlife by implementing CITES regulations. Side by side, it is also monitoring the wildlife trade and advocating against illegal trade of wildlife and its products. Governance:

Executive Committee

  1. Mr. Mangal Man Shakya, Chairman
  2. Mr. Bigyan Pradhan, Vice-Chairman
  3. Mr. Rabi Chitrakar, Secretary
  4. Ms. Swechha Lamichhane, Treasurer
  5. Dr. Suman Subedi, Member 
  6. Mr. Dhruba Madhikarmi, Member
  7. Mr. Rabindra Pandey, Member


 Board of Directors

  1. Mr. Mangal Man Shakya, Chairman
  2. Mr. Bigyan Pradhan, Director
  3. Ms. Swechha Lamichhane, Director
  4. Mr. Dhruba Madhikarmi, Director
  5. Mr. Rabindra Pandey, Director


  1. Mr. Mangal Man Shakya, Chief Executive
  2. Ms. Swechha Lamichhane, Director
  3. Ms. Astha Karki, Director
  4. Mr. Aman Shrestha, Director Production
  5. Ms. Rukmnee Maharjan, Law associate
  6. Ms. Salina Bajracharya, Assistant
  7. Ms. Bishakha Shakya, Assistant


Founding Members

  1. Hem Bahadur Bista
  2. Mangal Man Shakya
  3. Krishna Shrestha
  4. Rabin Das Manandhar
  5. Bigyan Pradhan
  6. Suresh Manandhar
  7. Rajendra Suwal
  8. Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal


  1. Dr. Arzu R Deuba
  2. Prabhu Budhathoki
  3. Bijay Lal Shrestha
  4. Ram Prit Yadav
  5. Kumud Shrestha
  6. Dr. Anand Raj Joshi
  7. Mr. Lal Tamang
  8. Mr. Amrit Lal Joshi
  9. Mr. Yubraj Regmi
  10. Astha Karki
  11. Rukamanee Maharjan
  12. Pratikshya Kandel
  13. Anju Poudel
  14. Dr. Migun Shakya


WWG International Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Shirley McGreal, USA
    Founder Chair, International Primate Protection League
  2. Ms. Tomoko Hoshino, Japan
    Secretary General, Environmental Partnership Council
  3. Dr. Puri Cannal, Spain
    President, Mediterranean Netwprk of Marine Protected Areas (MedPAN)
  4. Dr. Goran Skarner, Sweden
  5. Mr. Philip matthews, Malaysia
  6. Mr. Adam Oswall, Australia