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Chronology of Wildlife Watch Group (WWG)




WWG was informally launched


WWG held discussion program on 'Control on the Trade of Wildlife Specimens'


WWG organized orientation, training and workshop which was held in different National Parks in Terai for journalists
WWG launched Wildlife Media Watch
WWG did investigation in Munich Zoo, Germany on live rhino trade in the name of state gift


A memorandum to the Prime Minister to protest against government's decision of presenting two rhinoceros to London Zoo
WWG launched an investigation on cross border bird trafficking between India and Nepal


WWG launched feature service on wildlife issues for Nepali media
WWG issued press release against the government's decision to give two leopards to Zoological Garden of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
WWG launched report on alleged killing of monkeys by the people in Sindhupalchowk, 60 km East of Kathmandu


WWG trekked to Taklakot (West Tibet) to study barter trade of Shatoosh fur and catskins
WWG launched a report 'CITES compliance in Nepal'
WWG published 'Great One Horned Rhinoceros: Translocation Manual'


WWG led expedition team in Tibet to study illegal trade of Shatoosh fur funded by IFAW and administered by Wildlife Trust of India
WWG launched CITES compliance in Nepal in Nepali language


WWG organized interaction program on Preparation of CITES (Conference of Parties) CoP 11 in Kathmandu.


WWG was registered as non profit organization under NGO Act. launched website 


WWG hosted the Secretariat of South-South Exchange Program funded by Fredskorpset, Norway and implemented by Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ)
WWG participated in 15 Congress of APFEJ in Putrajaya, Malaysia


WWG launched a book 'Trading for Extinction' on South Asia Wildlife trade Workshop for Regional Cooperation
WWG participated in 16th Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) in Syanchen, China


WWG published 'Conflict & Conservation: Himalayan Biodiversity on the Brink' with the support for Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu
WWG signed MoU with School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (Schems) to start course of PGD on Environmental Journalism


WWG published 'Cost of Conflict in Nepal's Conservation Efforts' with the support for Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu
WWG organized the International Conference on Conservation in Conflict (ICCC) from September 5-7 2006
'Stop the Monkey Business' Campaign was initiated by WWG with International Primate Protection League (IPPL)


Launched Wildlife Times in February 2007 with articles on Rhinos
WWG became member of The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
WWG published 'There is some monkey business going on here' launched by Dr. Jane Gooddal, UN Peace Ambassador and world renowned primatologist
WWG signed MoU with SOS-Crocodiles France and developed long term gharial conservation project
WWG presented Nepal's Post Conflict Conservation Policies at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands
WWG became founding member of Conservation Consortium with national and international conservation organizations based in Nepal
WWG signed MoU with Snow Leopard Conservancy
WWG became member of Species Survival Network (SSN)


WWG published biography of Dr. Tirtha Man Maskey 'Tiger Warden' by Laxmi Baden Maskey and 'Gharial Conservation in Nepal' by Dr. Tirtha Man Maskey based on his unpublished Ph. D. dissertation of 1989
WWG published coffee table book 'Conservation Heroes: Their legacy Lives on' in memory of September 23 based on helicopter crash in Kanchanjunga.
WWG signed MoU with AWELY, France
WWG attended IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona and launched 'Armed Conflict and Conservation' based on the proceedings of the First International Conference on Conservation in Conflict, which was organized by WWG in 2006 in Barcelona
Dr. Arzu Deuba was elected as Counsel Member for IUCN for Asia Pacific Region fro the period of four years
WWG participated in IPPL's biannual meeting in Summerville, South Carolina, USA and presented WWG's campaign on Stop the Monkey Business Campaign
WWG signed MoU with Relief Fund for Wildlife Victims (RFWV)


WWG published summary version of ' Impacts of Insurgency in Nepal's Protected Areas' based on our two earlier publications in Nepali
In April 10-12, WWG participated on seminar 'A Forgotten Crisis: Arresting Wildlife Depletion in Asia through Strengthened Regional Cooperation and Effective Partnerships' in Thailand
In May, WWG attended 'Wildlife Enforcement and Legal Workshop' in Dudhwa, India.
In July, Mr. Jyamchang Bhotia placed a banner of WWG and IPPL with the slogan ' Stop the Monkey Business. '
In July, WWG presented framed photograph of Everest expedition to hon' minister for forest and soil Mr. Deepak Bohra
In August with the effort of WWG to save the rhesus monkeys from experiments in the USA, Mr. Deepak Bohra closed down the Lele Monkey breeding Center centre


WWG celebrated the closing down of the Nepal's breeding centre by organizing an art workshop themed Let monkeys be allowed in wild and free. Numbers of students and artists attended this event in January.
Mr. Mangal Man Shakya, chairperson of WWG, attended CITES CoP15 Conference in Doha from 13th to 25 March 2010.
WWG launched the book ' From the Jungle to Kathmandu: Horn and Tusk trade' by Dr. Esmond Bradley Martin during CoP15 in Doha on 23rd March
WWG sent letters to the Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal and Forest and Soil Minister Mr. Deepak Bohra addressing the urgency about the rapid death of released rhesus monkeys at Shivapuri- Nagarjuna National Park.
WWG participated in 'International Forum on Tiger Conservation and Tiger Culture' in Hunchun, China


WWG became member of International partnership of Satoyama Imitative (IPSI) and Asia Pacific biodiversity observation network (AP-BON)supported by Japan's ministry of environment


WWG Partcpated IPSI meeting in Nairobi, Kenya

WWG participated IUCN world congress in Jeju, South Korea

Launched Tiger Warden English version through the book release by Hon' President of Nepal
2013 WWG participated  Asia Park Congress and APBON meetings in Tokyo, Japan
2014 WWG invited IPPL meeting in Charleston, south Carolina and visited jungle friends in Florida
2015 WWG participated IUCN regional conservation forum in Bangkok
2016 WWG chairman elected as regional councilor of IUCN in World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, USA