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Climate Change

Global concern over climate change has derived both challenges and opportunities on protected areas over the past decades. Climate change is the most burning issue of this country and global as well. Its impacts have been observed on environment as well as on socio-economic sectors. Therefore, Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) along with IUCN, Nepal is organizing a workshop on “Assessing Climate Change impact on flora and fauna in 3 Protected Areas of Nepal”. The workshop starts from 26th February 2012 and ends on 3rd March 2012 covering Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park and Langtang National Park.


Though various governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Nepal have been taking various climate change related projects, we have found none of these projects directly deals with Impact of Climate Change on flora and fauna in Protected Areas of Nepal so if this initiative is undertaken in all Protected Areas of Nepal it will be a milestone and decisive help to draw a pragmatic adaptation programs of action projects to climate change in nations.


We plan to undertake such field studies on climate change impacts on all protected areas and buffer zones of Nepal and expect to come out with comprehensive findings with adaption programs of action.


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Astha Karki

Program Associate

Wildlife Watch Group